Revenue Administation

The district of Bijapur came into existance in the year 2007. At present Bijapur district consists 2 subdivisions and 4 tahsils.

Administration Details
Subdivision 2 (Bijapur, Bhopalpatnam)
Police Station 18, (Bijapur, Bhairamgarh, Bhopalpatnam, Usoor.........)
Police Outpost 1 (Cherpal)
Gram Panchayat 169
M.P.Consituency 1 (Bastar M.P.Consituency 10(ST))
MLA Consituency 1 (Bijapur-89(ST))
No. of Division 1
No. of Blocks 4 (Bijapur, Bhairamgarh, Bhopalpatnam, Usoor)
No. of Gram Panchayat 169
No. of Villages 696 (Inhabited villages=574, Forest villages=19 and Uninhabited villages=123)
No. of Nagar Panchayat 2 (Bhairamgarh, Bhopalpatnam)
No. of Municipal Council 1 (Bijapur)