• Devasenapathi IAS Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
    Zila Panchayat, Bijapur

    Mr. Sameer Vishnoi IAS

    Since 27th Aug 2012

Zilla Panchayat (District Rural Development Agency (DRDA))

If effective programme design is critical to successful implementation of rural development programmes, so is an effective delivery agency. None of the anti- poverty programmes can have impact unless they are implemented with a clarity of purpose and a commitment to the task. It is here that the DRDAs play a critical role.

The DRDAs are not be implementing agencies, but can be very effective in enhancing the quality of implementation through overseeing the implementation of different programmes and ensuring that necessary linkages are provided. To this extent the DRDA is a supporting and a facilitating organisation and needs to play a very effective role as a catalyst in development process.

The District Rural Development Agency is visualised as a specialised and a professional agency capable of managing the anti- poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development on the one hand and to effectively relate these to the overall effort of poverty eradication in the District. In other words, while the DRDA will continue to watch over and ensure effective utilisation of the funds intended for anit-poverty programmes, it will need to develop a far greater understanding of the processes necessary for poverty alleviation/ eradication. It will also need to develop the capacity to build synergies among different agencies involved for the most effective results. It will therefore need to develop distinctive capabilities rather than perform tasks that are legitimately in the domain of the PRIs or the line departments. The role of the DRDA will therefore be distinct from all the other agencies including the Zilla Parishad.