Title Date Download/Link
Chief Minister Tools Kit Assistance Scheme 19/05/2018 Download(161 KB)
Application for registration as beneficiary and acceptance letter 19/05/2018 Download(356 KB)
Application Coordination Order under the Unorganized Worker Critical Illness Medical Assistance Scheme 2012 19/05/2018 Download(170 KB)
Funeral Assistance and Grace Payment Scheme on Vishwakarma Accident 19/05/2018 Download(194 KB)
Chief Minister sewing machine assistance scheme 19/05/2018 Download(171 KB)
Application for Registration of Unorganized Workers 19/05/2018 Download(364 KB)
Application cum order letter under Chief Minister’s Sewing Machine Assistance Scheme 19/05/2018 Download(147 KB)
Application letter under the Chief Minister’s Cycle Assistance Scheme 19/05/2018 Download(162 KB)
Sister maternity assistance scheme 19/05/2018 Download(214 KB)
Rajmata Vijayaraje daughter marriage scheme 19/05/2018 Download(178 KB)