Bijapur District Hospital (BDH), is a public health institution committed towards providing quality health care to the neediest. BDH is a 10 department, the 150-bed modern facility that not only caters to general medicine but also performs complex surgeries (Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology etc..). It is well equipped with modern equipment and serves 2,50,000 people in the Naxal affected district of Bajapur. It is run by a team of dedicated specialists and well-trained technicians and support staff.

Basic Information about District Health Department Bijapur :

  1. District Hospital – 1 (Bijapur) for more information goto District Hospital Bijapur website
  2. Community Health Center – 5
  3. Primary Health Center – 10
List Of Govt Hospital In Bijapur
Sno Block Name Type Of Hospital Hospital Name Email ID Phone No
1 Bijapur DH District Hospital Bijapur 7853220047
2 Bijapur CHC CHC Gangaloor 7853220077
3 Bijapur PHC PHC Cherpal
4 Bhairamgarh CHC CHC Bhairamgarh
5 Bhairamgarh PHC PHC Kutru
6 Bhairamgarh PHC PHC Kosalnar
7 Bhopalpatnam CHC CHC Bhopalpatanam 7851222036
8 Bhopalpatnam PHC PHC Madded
9 Bhopalpatnam PHC PHC Tarlaguda
10 Usoor CHC CHC Usoor
11 Usoor PHC PHC Awapalli
12 Usoor PHC PHC Basaguda
13 Usoor PHC PHC Elmidi
14 Usoor PHC PHC Pamed

Services provided in the District Hospital

  1. Institutional delivery and C-section facility in 1 maternal and infant institution.
  2. facility of laboratory investigation by modern equipment.
  3. Availability of health facility up to Rs 50000.00 by 3 smart card scheme.
  4. Blood transfusion facility from the blood bank in emergency situation.
  5. cb nat machine facilitates screening of tuberculosis patients.
  6. All the facilities related to Orthopedic surgery.
  7. Facility of SNCU in emergency situation for 7 children.
  8. Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers for malnourished children.
  9. emergency wards and surgery facilities.
  10. eye screening and cataract operation.
  11. Family planning related operation facility.
  12. Nasal, ear, throat disease related screening and treatment facilities.
  13. Dialysis facility.
  14. Vaccination facilities for children and pregnant women per day.
  15. Food Facility for 15 Patients.
  16. 102 Mahattari Express and 108 Sanjeevani Express facility

Facilities being provided in community and primary health centers

  1. Institutional delivery facility under 1 Janani Suraksha.
  2. Pregnant women and children’s food and laboratory screening facility.
  3. Treatment of patients suffering from tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases.
  4. Ward facility for checking and interacting outpatient patients.
  5. Facilities for nutrition rehabilitation center for malnourished children.
  6. eye check-up facility.
  7. Vaccination facility for children and pregnant women per day.
  8. 102 Mahattari Express and 108 Sanjivani Express facility.